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Here are some improved scans (to replace the crappy originals :P) of the DC Comics story "Roswell Riddle". It's a notable story for this comm because it spawed this picture that we have all had lots of fun taking out of context (and using to make sappy icons ~_^):

Enjoy, everyone!!

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In this episode, Velma gets hired by the Coolsville chapter of NASA to launch a science experiment into space. Naturally, a ghost swoops in to muck it up.

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[livejournal.com profile] dj_rocca has turned me on to this crazy "bingo prompt" thing (and the community [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo ). So this post is all her fault. ~_^

This is my bingo card...
My hc_bingo card )

And these are my submissions:

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I saw a bunch of these "Kiss Meme" pictures floating around Deviant Art and couldn't resist doing one for Shaggy and Velma...

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There's only one subject in school that Shaggy gets better grades than Velma in. And, since grades are a big thing for her, he offers to be her tutor...

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I guess you could call this latest picture a "sequel"  to the drawing I did for the Naptime fanart prompt.
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I hardly ever post to communities so I hope I'm doing this right. I also hope it's okay to post a story that isn't related to a prompt.

Title: Ultimatum Revisited
Summary: Shaggy sees Velma talking with another guy in the hallways at school and he automatically jumps to conclusions. The brain sucking zombie kind of conclusions.
Author: Britin
Rating: T
Word Count: 1827
Chapters: 1
Character(s)/Pairings: Shaggy/Velma
Spoilers/Warnings: Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. - I’ve never written any sort of Scooby fiction, my area of expertise is sentai/PR fic so I apologize if I didn’t get the characters correct.

Ultimatum Revisited )


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