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In this issue the boys join the military and a yeti disrupts a peaceful ski trip

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As always, I don't mind if people use these scans to make icons or whatever (I can't claim "ownership" of a book with characters that clearly aren't mine just because I scanned it). But credit and/or a link would be much appreciated if you do opt to use them or show them off elsewhere. Thanks!
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How is it that Velma can wear something as impractical as this....

....in the winter time and not freeze to death? In this comic, Shaggy finds out!

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This is how I imagine Shaggy and Velma's first "I love you" will be exchanged....

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Believe it or not, this special has one major thing in common with an anime called Slayers Premium. Both movies are saved by an actor named Crispin Freeman. No, really! Follow Evil Frosty and find out how!!

The Haunted Holidays special is a new mini-movie that's included on a compulation DVD called "13 Spooky Tales: Holiday Thrills and Chills". In addition to the new special, it has about a dozen random Scooby episodes from various incarnations that share a Winter Time theme (but I'm only gonna touch on the new one).

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Big Top Scooby Doo's official release date is October 9th. However, Wal-Mart stores currently have it on their shelves for way less than it's suggested retail price. I got it last night (and it only cost me $12).

I already reviewed this movie back when Amazon streamed it. So I'll just say that I HIGHLY recommend getting a copy next time you're near a Wal-Mart. Big Top's quality makes up for the fact that the DVD is pretty weak when it comes to extras.

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Here are some improved scans (to replace the crappy originals :P) of the DC Comics story "Roswell Riddle". It's a notable story for this comm because it spawed this picture that we have all had lots of fun taking out of context (and using to make sappy icons ~_^):

Enjoy, everyone!!

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I did this for a Deviant Art challenge (you can view it at my DA here).
The subjects for the meme are "Draw 'em fighting", "Draw 'em kissing", "Draw 'em with a family", "Gender-swap", and "Least favorite thing about this couple".

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I saw a bunch of these "Kiss Meme" pictures floating around Deviant Art and couldn't resist doing one for Shaggy and Velma...

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