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Hey, remember back in my Fridging of Velma Dinkley essay when I joked that:
At least Velma was never sexually assaulted or severely beaten in Mystery Incorporated (however, the show was green lit for another season; so I wouldn’t put it past them just yet...)

Well, Velma wasn't sexually assaulted in the latest episode (she's an ugly, un-rapeable troll, remember?). But someone else was. Take a wild guess who.

Trigger Warning for horrors under the cut..... )
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Breaking the Hold

Note: I do not own Scooby Doo, I do not make a profit from writing this story.
Rating: T (induendo, mentions of self pleasure, angst)
Genre: Angst/Drama/Bittersweet
Prompt: Possession (angst_bingo)
Universe: Mystery Begins (Set after "Curse of the Lake Monster")
Summary: Velma hasn't felt normal since the possession, she finally confesses.
Beta: No beta. Been winging it. I apologize.

Breaking the Hold )
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Killing Me Softly

Note: I do not own Scooby Doo or the song "Killing me Softly", I do not make a profit from writing this.
Universe: Mystery Begins
Rating: PG+ (elluding to adult situations and violence)
angst_bingo Prompt: Supernatural (Poisoning and Weaknesses)
Word Count: 1,071

and there this young boy, stranger to my eye... )
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Hey guys! I posted a while ago to the SD comm pictures of Nick and Haley (Shaggy and Velm of the Mystery Begins verse) at the Ben Ten premier. I thought they had ALL the pictures but I totally didn't find the cutest one apparently.

While searching for a picture of Nick, I stumbled across this picture. I'm now madly in love with them than ever before!

Cut for cuteness )

BTW, for tags you have MI (animated) and MI (films) by films do you mean the new series which is the Mystery Begins verse? Just curious.

Gonna crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] scooby_doo Additonal cuteness from the UnNatural History premier:  


Jan. 5th, 2011 01:51 am
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While flipping through the caps of the movie I have, I got the idea for this wallpaper. Its telling its own little story and since its kinda T rated, its going under the cut. I hope you guys like it, though its implying naughty things.

Also, sorry for spamming the comm!

Title: So into You
Series: Mystery Begins
Rated: T
Size: er...a bit bigger than 800X600, I forget the dimensions.

So into You )
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Hello fellow Shagma fans!
I come offering the caps I have from "Mystery Begins", these are all Shagma centered and I hope you enjoy them! Please do credit me if you use them since my hard work went into capping them since I do not use an auto capper, all these are by hand frames watched in second by milsecond sometimes to get that right moment!

You can find them here! The password is capsplease

I hope I tagged this right! (Ok, so apparently I have a tagging limit and it cut it down to three...)


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