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Breaking the Hold

Note: I do not own Scooby Doo, I do not make a profit from writing this story.
Rating: T (induendo, mentions of self pleasure, angst)
Genre: Angst/Drama/Bittersweet
Prompt: Possession (angst_bingo)
Universe: Mystery Begins (Set after "Curse of the Lake Monster")
Summary: Velma hasn't felt normal since the possession, she finally confesses.
Beta: No beta. Been winging it. I apologize.

Breaking the Hold )
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Killing Me Softly

Note: I do not own Scooby Doo or the song "Killing me Softly", I do not make a profit from writing this.
Universe: Mystery Begins
Rating: PG+ (elluding to adult situations and violence)
angst_bingo Prompt: Supernatural (Poisoning and Weaknesses)
Word Count: 1,071

and there this young boy, stranger to my eye... )
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Hey guys! I posted a while ago to the SD comm pictures of Nick and Haley (Shaggy and Velm of the Mystery Begins verse) at the Ben Ten premier. I thought they had ALL the pictures but I totally didn't find the cutest one apparently.

While searching for a picture of Nick, I stumbled across this picture. I'm now madly in love with them than ever before!

Cut for cuteness )

BTW, for tags you have MI (animated) and MI (films) by films do you mean the new series which is the Mystery Begins verse? Just curious.

Gonna crosspost to [livejournal.com profile] scooby_doo Additonal cuteness from the UnNatural History premier:  


Jan. 5th, 2011 01:51 am
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While flipping through the caps of the movie I have, I got the idea for this wallpaper. Its telling its own little story and since its kinda T rated, its going under the cut. I hope you guys like it, though its implying naughty things.

Also, sorry for spamming the comm!

Title: So into You
Series: Mystery Begins
Rated: T
Size: er...a bit bigger than 800X600, I forget the dimensions.

So into You )


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