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In this episode, Velma gets hired by the Coolsville chapter of NASA to launch a science experiment into space. Naturally, a ghost swoops in to muck it up.

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Don't worry! This is a HAPPY comic! And it isn't set in the Mystery Incorporated universe; so the confession has nothing to do with sexual assault!

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I did this for a Deviant Art challenge (you can view it at my DA here).
The subjects for the meme are "Draw 'em fighting", "Draw 'em kissing", "Draw 'em with a family", "Gender-swap", and "Least favorite thing about this couple".

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If you're wondering why I'm posting this review in this comm, just trust me and read on. ^_^

Because this is the first episode, the characters are slightly different and it has a few elements that got scrapped later on. Despite that, it does a good job of setting up the universe and the characters. And it’s insanely fun and extremely cute, too.
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I felt compelled to upload and share this video of the musical sequence from the Pup episode "Snow Place Like Home" simply because it features a Shaggy/Velma dance scene that is both super dorky and amazingly cute all at the same time! If you're a Shagma fan and you haven't seen this yet, please watch! I promise, it'll make your day! ^_^
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