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Oh wow, hi, um, I'm Skylar and I'm new to the community and I'm absolutely loving it. I just thought you guys might be interested in a little project I'm involved in, if you can even call it a project. 

 I recently started a Scooby-Doo RPG, along with my friend Meghan. We're still looking for people to role play as Shaggy and Scooby, along with some original characters that Meghan came up with and some characters from the TV show that didn't get that much attention, such as Shaggy's little sister and the Hex Girls.

We kind of have a new plot each week or every few days where there's a different crime the the mods set up that the characters have to try and solve. Even though I know there's not too much love for Mystery Incorporated, I really loved that there's sort of an overlapping arc between each case, so we have a similar thing going on in this group.

The link to the community can be found here: http://thosemeddlingkids-rpg.tumblr.com/. I am currently RPing as Velma because she's my absolute favourite and I really hope that I'm not butchering her character.

So if you guys want to join in, feel free to! If you just wanna watch the events unfold, feel free too as well!

I'm realyl sorry for wasting journal space on here, I'm gonna crawl back into my hole now, 'kay thanks.
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This particular artist (who seems to be following the "Adventure Time" trend)
was brought to my attention by Comics Alliance. While I don't dig her Daphne,
I like the look the rest of the Scooby Gang is sporting.
[Her Tumbleblog]


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