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Believe it or not, this special has one major thing in common with an anime called Slayers Premium. Both movies are saved by an actor named Crispin Freeman. No, really! Follow Evil Frosty and find out how!!

The Haunted Holidays special is a new mini-movie that's included on a compulation DVD called "13 Spooky Tales: Holiday Thrills and Chills". In addition to the new special, it has about a dozen random Scooby episodes from various incarnations that share a Winter Time theme (but I'm only gonna touch on the new one).

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If you're wondering why I'm posting this review in this comm, just trust me and read on. ^_^

Because this is the first episode, the characters are slightly different and it has a few elements that got scrapped later on. Despite that, it does a good job of setting up the universe and the characters. And it’s insanely fun and extremely cute, too.
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Out of boredom, I checked out the Crystal Cove online game on Cartoon Network's website. And, believe it or not, the story in the game is FAR better than the story in the show! And the romance angle is limited to mild flirtatious dialogue between characters. Which means we get to see MI-Shaggy and MI-Velma act like a couple without the added melodrama of Scooby/Velma hatred, the messy break up, or Velma acting like a bunny-boiler. It's glorious!
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If you've ever wondered what this show would be like if only it didn't botch the romance angle, this game is for you! The only downside is that you'll feel sad that the actual show wasn't just as light-hearted and fun.

If you want to try it for yourself, here's a link to it!
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A Pup Named Scooby Doo episode review: The Wrath of Waitro

The last review was so much fun I decided to do another one. Don’t worry; this is a short episode, so it won’t be nearly as image-heavy as the Computer Walks Among Us review. ~_^

As always, feel free to use these images for stuff like icons if you want. Credit isn’t necessary (since I clearly don’t own this series), but it would be greatly appreciated.

On to the review!

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