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daddy don't forget your hat by *ancalinar

Anyway, tumblr took offense at my Velma. Apparently I believe overweight people don't deserve happiness? That's not true, guys. I don't want anybody to be happy in my little 'what if' scenarios. ;]

How unhappy you ask? Daph was always desperately in love with Fred. Too bad, since he gets her up the duff and drops her pregnant arse shortly after, abandoning her for his job as a host for some small-time ghost hunter series.

Heartbroken and nowhere to go, she ends up living with Shaggy and later marries him. I guess they start out as friends and then hormones take over…? Despite being an airhead, her mother's instinct is strong and she wants her son to grow up in sort of a family. Maybe she sees Fred in him, too, and can't let of those feelings go. Shaggy doesn't mind and loves the kid as his own flesh and blood. Now, with a second kid on the way (Shaggy's, this time), the couple ran into financial trouble and is arguing over Daph's spending - she's is a little princess who's never lifted a finger in her life, and Shaggy is sporting a GED, so they're not exactly rolling in cash… I imagine Shaggy is some small time night-guard or a mall cop, nothing real profound. They do love each other, but Daph is a dim bulb when it comes to the concept of 'budgeting'. This painting fought me, too. I think I need more practice rendering light.

Abandoned Velma by *ancalinar

This painting gave me so much goddamn grief. I swear. I probably started and re-started the sketch four or five times, not to mention the half-dozen attempts to paint it. It was fighting me every step of the way, and just did not want to be finished. Okay, now that I'm finished blowing off steam, let me tell you of the idea behind it.

I've seen numerous fanarts of Velma, depicting her as some über curvy and sexy and geeky fantasy material... and for some reason, I wanted to draw the opposite - a tubby Velma, an out of shape Velma, a having-finished-with-the-mystery-squad-letting-herself-go Velma... I mean, that happens, right? People get done with what they think are their glory days and kind of just... exist instead of living. So here we have Velma that's been stood up on a date. I picture this being her first date with that particular guy, but not the first time she's been abandoned like that.

Instead of distress, I wanted to show her as being used to this sort of thing by now - she's gotten into a habit of bringing a book along with her, even. I would say she never held out much hope for succeeding with the date tonight, but, nevertheless, tried to make herself look nice. She's not grieving much, as her outlook on the whole situation is rather removed and philosophical after so many failures. I wonder why she keeps trying?

There were actually two other ideas with Velma that I'd tried to paint, but neither one worked out - one was of her, much older, dressed in business clothes, stepping into the closet to retrieve her old 'uniform' and a spy glass, because another mystery calls; the other was of her trying to work out and get back into shape. Anyway, both ended up looking rather terrible, so I just stuck with this guy.

Scooby Doo: New Headcanon by illumistrations & slay-z

new headcanon: the Scooby Doo Mystery, Inc. gang was a group of friends all set to go to college until one of their friends was inexplicably shot and killed. the police put a half-hearted effort into searching for the murderer and dropped the case, leaving the rest of the crew distraught and pissed off. realizing that they couldn’t trust the cops, they formed their own sleuthing agency in order to solve their friend’s murder and to get to the bottom of countless other Black deaths near and far that the police refuse to properly follow up on. Velma was all set to major in forensic criminology in the fall, but now uses her skills in the pursuit of the truth. Daphne’s parents have guap out the ass and she helps fund the gang when needed, plus gives the best personal advice when everyone’s morale is low and frustration gets to intensely high levels. Freddy’s people skills help them glean information from possible witnesses and suspects. Shaggy knows basically everyone on the block and the amount of trust and respect he garners allows people to feel comfortable when helping out with leads and other information. Scooby is the muscle when they’re in danger, but the sweetest dog ever. He started out as a fighting dog, but Shaggy rescued him and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

scooby doo doo by ~Music2miEars

Scooby Doo - Velma and Shaggy by *madokke

Everyone, just… pretend to be normal by rollingrabbit

It's a Mystery by rollingrabbit

Scooby Gang by *Walter-Ostlie


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